Couple from Dubai tying the knot on metauniverse

  • May 21, 2022 at 11:43 am
  • Metaverse Wedding Party According to the report, the couple married in Georgia in 2019 after struggling to register their local union because of their citizenship. “This is one of the reasons we decided to fly to Georgia to register our marriage,” the report quoted Uget as saying. Meanwhile, according to the report, the couple have started their own wedding planning company that will specialize in virtual weddings. The couple hopes to use their metaverse marriage experience as a test. Although the final price of the ceremony has not been disclosed, the report estimates it at over $800 or DH3,000. Metaverse after the wedding After Florian Ugeto, a French citizen living in Dubai, and his fiancĂ© Liz Nunes faced legal troubles to register their marriage, they are reportedly planning to wed on May 19 on the Metaverse. The couple said the decision to tie the knot in the metaverse came nearly three years after their wedding in Georgia. According to a report by Blockchain Group, the couple’s wedding dress was obtained through Opensea, an non-fungible marketplace (NFT). The report also says the couple’s 20 closest friends will join them via the metaverse. The account explains the steps a couple will take to exchange vows and says that the husband-to-be and wife-to-be are going to the meta universe for a post-wedding party.