MMO P2E PokerVerse Drop


Company: Exlusible
Price: 0.15 ETH
Supply: 3000

MMO P2E PokerVerse Drop Website

Secure your Rêves de Soie NFT and receive the physical version.

PREPAY NOW About the Drop:

Before we delve into the details, here’s a reminder of what Modern Poker Club is and where we’re headed. We’re building a FREE TO PLAY 3D web 3 poker game that can ONLY be accessed by holding a ModernPokerClub NFT. The game will provide rewards of our governance token which can then be used for a variety of utilities we offer or sold/traded on exchanges. All holders will receive a portion of 20% of all faction tournament rewards upon team wins regardless of whether they play or not. The more NFTs owned, the bigger your portion. Besides this, there are a whole host of exclusive benefits that’ll come as we expand our brand (e.g. our Los Angeles reality show is already in the works).