Quantitative analyst PlanB says two catalysts could trigger the next Bitcoin (BTC) rally

  • Apr 19, 2022 at 12:57 pm
  • Bitcoin (BTC) analyst Pseudonymous PlanB says two catalysts could lead to the next big wave of BTC spikes. In a YouTube interview with Blockware Intelligence, PlanB was asked what events or developments could trigger the next big wave of Bitcoin adoption. “If you had asked that question five years ago, I wouldn’t have remembered everything that has happened since then. Maybe something we don’t know today will take us to the next level. But if we only estimate from what we know, El “A second or third Salvador will completely change the game. If El Salvador, a small country, is not alone in Latin America, but if Mexico, Brazil or Argentina join them, it will make the case stronger and more difficult for the IMF [the Fund]. International Monetary Fund] to destroy it. That’s something I’m very concerned about.” Quantitative analysts also say that everyday adoption of cryptocurrencies by ordinary people will yield huge gains for Bitcoin, especially when combined with institutional adoption. “And then, just the normal searching of normal people through institutions — people investing their pensions in bitcoins… people buying their own bitcoins on exchanges… I see it all around me. There are a lot of people who think that this is a good time to buy bitcoins… More people are asking “hey, how do I set up a wallet?” And I think a little bit of adoption is really important too, and that’s it. which we also see.” Bitcoin is trading at $39,876 at the time of writing.