SneakMart has teamed up with StockX for its first NFT launch on Metakicks sneakers

  • May 19, 2022 at 10:47 am
  • SneakMart, a French startup with a vision to mark sneakers in the real world on the blockchain, has secured a partnership with StockX for its first Metakicks NFT sneaker drop. Partnerships are another example of the unification of the physical and digital worlds. The popularity of NFT collector sneakers is also increasing, which confirms that models from various brands have great appeal to the general public. These sneakers are highly compatible with NFT technology and NFT has created a multi-billion dollar sneaker market where after-sales sales are very important. NFT is also seen as important for the future of Web 3.0 because it allows fashion to be presented in digital form. SneakMart is aware of this fact and is leveraging the power of its community-driven streetwear mobile app. It also intends to add unique features and introduce new limited collections as well as long term benefits for NFT Metakick owners when this app goes international. Metakicks NFT sneakers The SneakMart team has created 15 unique 3D animated sneaker designs featuring various shapes, materials, and colors as well as 3D animated backgrounds. The 15 3D animated shoes are sold in a Metakicks box and are available in the Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary categories. SneakMart aims to reach a growing global audience of sneakers collectors and NFT enthusiasts with the NFT Sneaker. NFT Metakick will be usable in future metauniverses, giving owners access to new offerings, physical shoes, and derivative products, among others. The mysterious Metakicks box also offers participants the chance to win one of 625 pairs of real sneakers. Buyers of the Mystery Box stand a 10% chance of winning a standout athletic shoe, including models like the Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 1 High, Adidas Yeezy 350, and two pairs of Jordan 1 Dior. Metakicks’ first drop will feature over $200,000 worth of physical sneakers, with winners offered the chance to choose their actual shoe size, and StockX will ship internationally. International footballers have been implicated in the demise of metakicks with the likes of Didier Droga, Kinsley Coman and Marco Veratti involved in creating unique 1-of-1 editions of personalized metakicks.