Twitter Announces Ethereum Crypto Tips

  • Feb 22, 2022 at 9:46 pm
  • Twitter, like other US companies, has entered the cryptocurrency world. However, what’s special about this company and social network is that it tests the “jar type” option, which consists in providing advice on using cryptocurrencies. The tip project was successful after launching in September 2021, but now the social network is offering prices in BTC and ETH and expanding its capabilities. The Twitter Advisory Glass Project is growing As one of the largest microblocking servers since 2006, Twitter has amassed cryptocurrency among its fans. The social network rewards people who stay active with tweets by publicly rewarding them with BTC, but is now narrowed down to being the number one crypto in the market. Jack Dorsey’s company will reportedly receive a tip in ETH, which will be the equivalent of the number two cryptocurrency on the market. These tips came after the price of Ether jumped to $2,720. Crypto Tips allows social media subscribers to increase their engagement and be rewarded for what they post in their tweets. The social network added a new addition to tip for tip, expanding the list of crypto payment methods. The web platform used to accept payments in the Cash App, GoFundMe, Venmo, and Bandcamp but has now expanded to PayTm, Paga and Barter. Tweet donations are very popular in West African countries After Twitter accepted crypto donations in 2021, there has been a huge shift among people on social media. According to reports, this award motivates people to tweet them daily to earn the award. While not everyone will benefit from crypto donations, there are opportunities for good users to send their money. The Twitter cryptocurrency has gained notoriety in West African countries like Nigeria and South Asian countries like India. Both regions have benefited from their activity on social networks, expressing their opinions on various topical issues. Now that the social network has updated its list of options, this crypto project is likely to gain traction on the internet. Having only one PayTM option is a huge advantage for all Nigerians who are familiar with mobile crypto payments. Social network Dorsey plans to launch a new crypto project, among other announcements. However, there is no more precise information about this.